Shaana Marie in the MYX Lounge (5:30pm)

Shaana Marie in the MYX Lounge (5:30pm)

Fri, February 10, 2017

5:30 pm



This event is 21 and over

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Shaana Marie in the MYX Lounge (5:30pm)
Shaana Marie in the MYX Lounge (5:30pm)
Shaana is a single mother of two writing and singing in the SF Bay Area. She is a complete culmination of the love and time and efforts of great parents, a life of love and heartache, joy and pain, and imagination alongside reality. She works full time at a local music store as a creative force in the assistance of those musicians who come through on any given day. But outside of work and being a mom, she is an amazing singer/songwriter and her own creativity comes to life either at the end of her favorite pen or in the notes of her favorite guitar.

“I write because it is who I am, and it is everything that I am. My words flow from my heart, my eyes, my ears, and my experience in this life, as beautiful and wrenching and emotional and exhausting as it can be. I am an optimist and a believer in one God who blesses me abundantly even though I am far from deserving. The music I create is from my own life experiences and the personal musings of others. Sadness, happiness, joy, motivation, being in love, heartbreak, loss, laughter, and the lessons learned in humility are all great material. I seek to use my writing as an outlet for my own emotions as well as those of others who maybe cannot express it otherwise.”

“It is my hope that either through my music, my hands or my words that I can touch your life, for even just a moment, that it will benefit you in some way and allow you to pass it on to someone else. So smile, because you were loved and cherished even before you were on this earth, even if you don’t believe it yourself.”

Shaana is available for studio session work for harmonies, background vocals, and lyrical creativity. She enjoys collaboration and working together to find that perfect line.
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19 Broadway
17 Broadway Blvd.
Fairfax, CA, 94930