The Jazz Roots Band (8pm)

The Jazz Roots Band (8pm)

Sun, February 12, 2017

2:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

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The Jazz Roots Band (8pm)
The Jazz Roots Band (8pm)
Kenneth Roy Berry has been playing Drums since the age of 4, and Piano Keyboard since the age of 6.
Later he took up singing and Percussion as additional music focal points. Kenneth's keyboard mentors
have been wizard Dick Hindman and Si Perkoff, and his Drums/Percussion guidance comes from Colin
Bailey and Bob Belanski. Kenneth has over 500 copyrights for his original songs and 5 CD albums to
his credit. All 5 albums can be listened to and purchased at
Kenneth enjoys working with Jazz Roots Band on many musical styles and songs.

His successfull career was cut short when he was hit in the head in an armed robbery with a shotgun.
His injury caused him to leave New York City in 1989 for recovery reasons. For the last 24 years his recovery has defied the limited processes of Western medicine. Through his study of martial arts Tai Chi Chuan, Western style boxing,
Drumming and music, and most note worthy and important his treatment and study with Dr. Pindy Wong P.h. D.
lic. Acc., O. M. D. and basic discipline, Chris has completely changed his life to become healthy and free from all
Western medicine practices. These many years of extreme discipline have helped him move steadily toward his goal of playing his Drums and the music to the best of his ability. Chris has been working with the Jazz Roots Band for it's 14 years, and also plays Hammond Organ. He plays Gretsch Drums and Zildjian Cymbals.
Born April 17th, 1953. Chris was raised in San Anselmo, CA. He started playing Drums at age 10, and began working
professional at age 14. Chris attended Oberlin Conservatory for 1 year, then toured with the Black Earth Percussion
Ensemble before moving to New York City in 1973. From his first days in New York City until he left 17years later,
he played with musicians like Dave Liebman, Steve Grossman, George Coleman, Joe Lovano, Alex Foster, Jack McDuff,
Jack Walrath, Chet Baker, Eddie Jefferson, Dave Stryker, Ryo Kawasaki, John Scofield, Dennis Irwin, Barry Finnerty,
Mike Wolf, Jim McNeeley, Richie Beirach, Armen Donelian, the legendary tap dance club The Copesetics, and many more.
In 1985 he started studying Tai Chi Chuan with C.C. Chen.

The Jazz Roots Band has an amazing History over the past 15 years. The Band grew organically from playing in restaurants
and cafes, to street fairs and eventually jazz festivals. The Trio worked at The Seafood Peddler in San Rafael, CA for almost
3 years straight playing Tuesday evenings, Savanna Jazz in SF, CA for almost 2 years in various settings, Servino Ristorante
in Tiburon, CA playing Thursday evenings for 8 years with various musicians, Saddles Steakhouse in Town Of Sonoma, CA
for 5 years, Caffe Trieste/Taste Of Rome in Sausalito, CA for 7 years plus and many others. During the past 8 years, Chris
Braun and Ken Roy Berry have rehearsed mostly Tuesdays each week creating a huge repertoire of Music which is based on
NYC's 1960's style of Swing, Standards, Blues, Jazz Fusion Music starting with early 1970's, Soul, Funk and Latin Music.
The 9th and latest CD 'Gold Mine' is reviewed by 2 of NYC's most respected Drummers Elliot Zigmund and Jeff Williams who
comment on the high quality of the recording and playing skill, as well as Chris Braun's amazing special interest story which
is why he is in California. Since the Music Business has changed so much over recent years because of the economy,
nightclubs not having 'Live Music' as much and the cyber world of music, The Band has continued to search for opportunities
to perform while still growing, changing and developing the sound and caliber of the Music. In passing through these many
phases the musicians who play with the Band are some of the best players in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chris had met and played with most of them years before in NYC. Our last CD 'Gold Mine' received national Radio play.
Venue Information:
19 Broadway
17 Broadway Blvd.
Fairfax, CA, 94930