Eddie Neon & Friends (8pm)

Eddie Neon & Friends (8pm)

Tue, March 28, 2017

8:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

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Eddie Neon & Friends (8pm)
Eddie Neon & Friends (8pm)
THE STORY OF EDDIE NEON.. .. *CyberBluz* ©2010.. .. Born in San Francisco in 1946, Bay area blues guitarist and vocalist Eddie Neon has been rocking the blues for over 40 years.. and having some big fun in the process. .. .. Eddie's influences are many. He describes himself as "a self-taught S.F. bluesman cooked by local blues trends. Even after so many years of playing. "I am still committed to horning my skills as a guitar player.. and remaining humble at the craft" .. .. And he has remained humble,despite truly boast-worthy career highlights. When veteran Bluesman Cool Papa passed away in 1994 Eddie was invited join other blues talents in playing a benefit at Ashkenaz, a historical Berkley club run by David Nadel, who has since passed. Other head liners that evening included Elvin Bishop, Chris Cain, Miss Dee, etc. .. .. Mark Naftlin assembled many greats in the house band that night. Minor W., Steve F.,so many greats in lineup. Eddie continued to acquire an impressive track record, having opened for Etta James, Bonnie Bramlett, as well as other well-respected Blues artists. .. .. "Sometimes it seems as though I've slipped through the cracks in the blues world... but I'm having fun! What other joy do you need? I'm just another blues boy from the Bay Area, nobody famous, trying to play for ever and, that might change to the big show time. Being humble comes with years of playing and that's what I I'm." Eddie Neon 2010 .. .. Meanwhile, Eddie still likes the festival vibe and continues to pursue it, having played many popular local fairs, including Marin County and San Mateo County Fairs. SMCF invited Eddie in July 2010 for two days Sat & Sun. He has headlined The San Francisco Chronicle's past New years Eve Celebration by the bay... and yet ENB can still be found having a great time playing local clubs in the bay area. .. .. Eddie Neon Blues Band may be based in San Francisco California,he is working so hard to expand the fan base. Eddie has had a number of formations, all local bay area talented players, keeping his sound in house with local flavor. "Blues with funk and jazz edges is how B Boy E roles & flows, blues is my foundation. I can quit the blues". .. .. "Blues and R&B are the truest forms of american music." says Eddie. Historically drawing on the community and the times. These roots run deep for all who play it with feeling. The blues train keeps rolling on, The Bay Area blues sean thrives, and the love of it keeps ENB crew grounded. Eddie is moving forward.. Velma Landers a bay area club owner will feature ENB on July 30th 2010 in her line of presentation. Bobbi "Spider" Webb interviewed Eddie on KPOO Blues radio 89.5 in S.F. Tuesday July 27th 2010. Spider Played some tracks from ENB's self produced demo soon the be released & the phone lines lit up ! .. .. ENB crew is a 8 piece powerhouse unit. A rather large band for the times hopes to planing your town or city soon. Please keep watch for them as they need fan base support .. .. Eddie has hand picked all members for a chemistry in sound, a rather unique sound local to the bay area. Some of his influences can be felt in his self produced demos. Tower, Cold Blood, James Brown, Delbert M, Robin Ford, Santana Buddy Guy, Journey, John Lee Hooker, BB , SRV, Jimi, Albert Collins, Otis Rush, Feddy King, Jeff Beck, Clapton , Mayhall, Luther allison TCB and the usual suspects in electric blues. .. .. ENB wants to tour, needs positive leg up from all blues community world wide who might pay it forward. Regards to a door open ... .. .. " I'm the last guy in line anyway,.. what do I have to lose ? "
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19 Broadway
17 Broadway Blvd.
Fairfax, CA, 94930