Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen

Tue, July 18, 2017

8:00 pm



This event is 21 and over

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Aaron Cohen
Aaron Cohen
Aaron Cohen continues to navigate uncharted waters with a confidence that only comes from someone who has survived taking a bold risk when things didn’t go according to plan.

Encompassing an all or nothing attitude that is hidden deep within his music, Cohen isn’t making Hip Hop music to get one hit record and call it a day. With each new track he releases, he is consistently building an organic fanbase by way of sticking to his guns musically, further proving that when one stays true to their vision, no matter how different or challenging it may be, it’s always worth it.

His 8-track Off The Ground EP, which was released June 24, showcases what’s possible when one finds production that is naturally compatible with his lyricism, with both being equally experimental by nature.

The project also further proves Cohen’s own perspective to be true that a quality rap record in 2016 doesn’t have to feature dumbed down lyrics or follow a pattern that has worked for others in the past in order to please everyone. He’s truly a rapper that does his own thing, finding successes by taking his own path.

Off The Ground EP is an impressive introduction to his craft. From blending moments that incorporate spoken word samples with more-traditional rapping and putting different treatments on his vocals, Cohen eases into telling his story on top of downtempo and eccentric instrumentals.

An emcee with staying power, Cohen is slowly but surely getting to where he wants to be.
Venue Information:
19 Broadway
17 Broadway Blvd.
Fairfax, CA, 94930